LI Tabletop Virtual Expo

We did not want to wait!

Being that the LI Tabletop Gaming Expo had to be pushed to November we figured why not still put on a show – but online!  Everyone is stuck inside right now so it seemed like the perfect idea.

All RPGs will be played via Zoom.  The player does not need anything else, character sheets will be available.

Join us for a fun filled weekend this April 17-19 across 3 days and 2 channels (Twitch, YouTube) where you will find –

  • Livestreamed RPGs
  • RPG games (not broadcasted) run by DMs that you can join and play in virtually
  • Miniature painting demonstrations
  • Live card game streams and demos
  • Shows
  • Board game demos
  • Tabletop themed video games
  • and more!

RPG Pre registration is available at the button at the top of this page. 

And just in case you were wondering, everything is free!



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