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The Last Refuge Podcast

NOTE – 18+. The Last Refuge is a story of three aasimar and a tiefling send to a strange new world on a divine mission. Trouble is, when they arrived none of them could remember what that mission was, and only one of them had any interest in the god that sent them!


Join Briathos, Byzdera, Flik, Kit, and DM Jazzy Hands as they play matchmaker with kobolds, assassinate yuan-ti political figures, and completely (if accidentally) disrupt the delicate equilibrium of the world they’ve found themselves in.

The Last Refuge is a weekly D&D actual play podcast set in a completely original world. 

Taking Initiative

NOTE – 18+. The Taking Initiative crew will be running their Patreon show called “Perception Check,” where they put down the books and dice to have a chat about a particular topic concerning the hobby.  This show’s topic will be Combat: In and Out of Podcasting.


Taking Initiative is a Dungeons & Dragons 5E actual play podcast. The complete first season takes place in the “Curse of Strahd” module, while the current season lives in the “Storm King’s Thunder” story., each sporting different DMs, a fair share of homebrew characters and content, personalized stories and guest players/voices.  

You can find Taking Initiative featured in many of Wizards of the Coasts “Podcasts of….” series.

Deus Ex Metagame:
The Twisted Crypt

Unscripted. Unplanned. Unintelligent. Just Roll With It. 
Watch as Mikey, Tom, Mark, Ryan, and Skittles embark on an epic and hilarious D&D Adventure!

Streaming on Twitch every Monday night at 7:30 PM, this comedy focused show has crafted its own homebrew world with simplified 5E rules to make for a faster paced game that is easier to follow.

For their Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo 2020 One Off Adventure, the gang will be playing a brotherhood of Dwarves trying to retreive an ancient family heirloom from the Twisted Crypt to restore honor to their brethren. But legend has it that the treasure is guarded by a dangerous enemy… Greed. 

Reaper Miniature Paint and Take
with Colin Wessel

Harness your imagination and come on down! For this class, Colin will take you step-by-step through the process of painting your very own Reaper miniature figurine. 

Each participant will get a paintbrush and Reaper miniature to bring home. Paints will be provided by the Expo. 

Cost $5

Audio Dungeon

Join the crew of Audio Dungeon, as they make their way through the world of Andaria in their homebrew D&D campaign, “The Celestial War”, in a live play spectacular! Rob, Dan, Scro, Brooke, Vinny Pro, and Tom will team up to combat the evil forces of Drogono, as Tony, the DM, crafts a story full of encounters that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense and laughter!

Audio Dungeon streams live on Wednesday nights at 8:30PM EST on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube, from Fenix Studios in New York, with an immersive experience that encourages audience participation every step of the way.
Check out Audio Dungeon at and at


Do you want to learn how to make terrain for your dungeon or a new battle field for your table top battles but have no idea where to start? Come to the Terrainocalypse and learn something new! This workshop is a hands on experience where we’ll teach you how to make some cool terrain and you get to keep what you build.

Endor Temple:
An Introduction to Lightsaber Choreography

Lightsaber Choreography for teens and adults (ages 13+, ages 13-18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)
“Learn what it takes to master the intricate choreography that Saber Guild – Endor Temple uses in its shows.
Our talented performers will teach participants the first few letters in our choreography “alphabet”. The participants will then be invited to choreograph their own fight with a partner using our techniques.”

Endor Temple:
Padawan Training

The target audience for this experience is from 5-12 years old. 

“An exciting interactive experience. Participants can learn the ways of the force and how to use a Lightsaber from the Jedi!”

The 501st Legion's Empire City Garrison

The 501st Legion is an all-volunteer worldwide organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.

We are known for representing bad guy characters like Stormtroopers, Clone Troopers, Bounty Hunters, and Sith Lords, in the most accurate way possible. We are officially recognized by Disney / Lucas Film as their preferred costuming group. The Empire City Garrison is the local New York chapter of the 501st Legion.


Join us for Taking Refuge: A D&D Crossover Event. In this, the most highly anticipated crossover since Endgame*, players from the Taking Initiative podcast and The Last Refuge podcast will join forces to play 90 minutes of the best D&D Long Island has ever seen.** DM’d by TLR’s DM Jazzy Hands, our adventurers will fight monsters, roll dice, make terrible puns, and do everything they can to drive this train as far off the rails as possible. They might LITERALLY jump a shark.***

*according to the six of us who will be playing in this game
**we hope

***probably not, that sounds dangerous



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