Musical Guests

Bit Brigade

Bit Brigade performs rock covers of full NES game soundtracks as their gamer speedruns the entire game live on stage.

Join them as they rock “Retro and Chill” on the night of Saturday August 10th!


Consoul is an Indie Video Game Music Big Band specializing in fun arrangements of Music from Video Games, Anime, Cartoons and TV Shows.

The playlist includes Super Mario, Zelda, Street fighter, Sonic, Tetris, Banjo-Tooie, The Banner Saga, Civilization series, and many other games.
This is a completely indie project with some amazing musicians whom are passionate about gaming and video game music.
The musicians include GRAMMY award winning bass player Mitch Friedman, Latin GRAMMY nominee Felipe Fournier, studio drummer Gal Gershovsky, and Danny Flam (GRAMMY winning participant with Kanye West, Jay Z and others, and played and performed with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra) and many other top of the line musicians.

Check out their bandcamp here!


Straplocked is a synthwave music project started in 2017 by hardrock guitar player Chris Carvache. Originally intended to be a progressive house project, the now project took a quick and sharp left turn when Perturbator’s Dangerous Days album was discovered.

Constantly looking to collaborate and grow, Carvache’s guitar playing is found prolifically in the synthwave underground scene and is incorporated into all live performances. Having an established no limits philosophy, the Straplocked project continues to evolve, incorporating lateral forms of art including story telling and visual expression

Brian Funk

Brian Funk writes and performs live electronic rock music inspired by artists like The Beatles and Nirvana, as well as old school video game music. Hailing from Long Island, New York,  Brian is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and educator. On his website,, Brian writes about music production, creates tutorials and sound packs for other producers, and explores sound design. He also hosts the Music Production Podcast, which is an exploration of the creative process and philosophy behind making music. Brian will be dj-ing classic video game music at the Expo as well as performing live.


Chris Taylor (known under his stage name Destryur) is a Brooklyn based electronic producer focusing on Synthwave and Horrorwave. In 2015 he released his first EP, Endurance. Some of his main influences are John Carpenter and the DJ duo Justice. His heavily 80’s inspired sound makes you feel the nostalgia of the long gone era.

Sad Toy Cats

Sad Toy Cats is a multi-man merry music making band. Since 2013 they have played a mix of original music and covers, and their second album of game covers, VGM Covers Vol. II, was released in late 2018. With a mix of electric rock, acoustic, and orchestral instrumentation, Sad Toy Cats aims to put a modern spin on the classics they cover.

VGM Collective

VGM Collective is an organization and 6 piece band dedicated to bringing relevance to the huge impact that 20th century video game music and it’s respective composers had on young musicians and people alike.

Check out their YouTube channel here!



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