Live dungeon

Enter the Necromancer's Lair!

The Live Dungeon is a life size immersive role-playing experience.  Similar to an escape room, the Live Dungeon requires adventurers to explore a real room and use puzzle solving skills to crack codes and find out secrets.

 Adventurers will travel through three rooms in total, with each room having it’s own unique puzzle to solve and escape from before they can move on to the next room. Combat is performed via puzzles. The rules are based loosely on Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. 

Groups will be made up of 5 adventurers.  There is no experience needed to play!


“For years the Jade Lich has been a blight on the realm, but recently the Lich has been actively recruiting both the undead and the living into it’s servitude. Local cultists have joined forces with the undead and the evil scourge has begun encroaching upon the good people of the land.  You have gathered together to put an end to this evil once and for all. After fighting through a horde of the undead you find yourself in the halls of the Jade Lich and it’s minions.

With your fellow adventurers, travel through three rooms of the Necromancer’s dungeon.  Solve puzzle, crack codes, and attempt to gain your freedom and make it out alive…..if you dare.”



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