Expo Quest

Welcome to Expo Quest: The Legend of Lauron

Attendees will have the chance to play an Expo-wide game where you will collect weapons, armor, loot, and other unique cards to earn a prize.  You can do this by simply exploring and engaging with all of the awesome areas within the show!

To start your journey you will need to choose a Champion card, which you can obtain at the ShenanigansNY booth. With your Champion in hand, you now have the ability to earn more cards, and it’s off to adventure!

There will be 5 unique regions at the Expo that will have their own unique types of cards – Armor, Weapons, Loot, Ancient, and Spell.  Earn these cards by participating in Expo events including (but not limited to) escape rooms, panels, painting classes, Live Dungeon, game demos, and more. Certain marketplace tables may even reward you for patronizing their wares or participating in their activities.  Explore the Expo and collect all 21 unique cards!

Each type of card has  a point value, and once you reach 100 points (and have at least one type of each card) return to the ShenanigansNY booth to be recognized as an Expo Champion! The first champion from each class will be awarded a Champion tier prize, while each subsequent champion will be awarded a Guardian tier prize.

Explore and learn more about the world of Lauron while having the time of your life at the Long Island Tabletop Gaming Expo!

The cards of Expo Quest feature all original art by talented local artists in our area.

Meet the Champions!

Cursed Ibon

Isda Knight

Sinth Archer

Tao Caster



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