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Featuring Scheduled and Free Play games

Our board gaming section offers two types of game play – scheduled and freeplay.

  • Scheduled– Recommended for new players.  Join a game master and let them help guide you some fun popular games to get playing quickly.  You will be paired with other people.  Check  the schedule for game times.
  • Freeplay  – Just grab a game from our library, get some friends and go nuts!

Featured Scheduled Games (signups only at the board game registration area the day of the show)

Blood On the Clocktower

A highly replayable social bluffing game for up to 20 players who delight in murder & mystery, creative strategies, and unique challenges.  No two games are ever the same and no player is ever eliminated. 

In Blood On The Clocktower, death is not the end….

Too Many Bones



Too Many Bones comes loaded for bear by breaking into a new genre: the dice-builder RPG. This game takes everything you thing about dice-rolling and turns it on it’s head. 

Dripping with strategy, this fantasy based RPG puts you in the skin of a new race and takes you on an adventure to the northern territories to root out and defeat growing enemy forces, and of course, the infamous baddie responsible.




Cloudspire is a 1-4 player strategy game heavily influenced by both tower defense and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games. 

Solo and cooperative play are driven by a scenario book that chronicles the story of the game from the perspective of each individual faction. Players control one of four unique factions in a battle to destroy and steal source energy from their opponents.

More Games Coming Soon!



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